Action Figure Insider » @WanderingPlanet Toys Launches #NancyDrew Retro Style Action Figures On Kickstarter

@WanderingPlanet Toys Launches #NancyDrew Retro Style Action Figures On Kickstarter

The First-Ever Officially Licensed Action Figure Line Based on the Cult Character

The Campaign Includes An Exclusive and Official Brand-New “Lost” Nancy Drew Novella

(April 19, 2023) For more than 90 years Nancy Drew has starred in hundreds of books and graphic novels and has been the subject of no less than six feature films (from 1938’s Nancy Drew… Detective to 2019’s Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase). She’s had TV shows in the 1970s, 1990s, and a series currently airing on the CW. But, curiously, she’s never had an official line of action figures… Now, with a license from Simon & Schuster, Wandering Planet Toys is launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund the first-ever officially licensed action figure line, featuring 4-inch retro style collectible figures based on the classic Nancy Drew book cover art by celebrated artist Rudy Nappi.

In addition to its multiple tiers, the campaign will also include an all-new Nancy Drew mystery novella written exclusively for the campaign in its “Secret Treasure Trove” tier which will not be available online or in bookstores. The brand new “lost” story will feature an all-new cover by celebrated classic Nancy Drew artist Ruth Sanderson, the award-winning cover artist who took over Nancy Drew book illustrations from Rudy Nappi in the late 1970s. This new story, THE CLUE OF THE CURIOUS COLLECTION, will be written in the style of the classic mystery stories. Simon & Schuster’s Carolyn Keene will author the official story, which will be a 5-chapter novella (not a full-length novel).

“Nancy Drew is bold, intelligent and Mystery’s IT Girl for the ages,” said Jenn Fisher, the President of the Nancy Drew Sleuths, who consulted on the stylish package design for the Wandering Planet Toys’ line of figures. “Bringing Nancy Drew to life as if she jumped off the covers of your favorite classic Nancy Drew books was a nostalgic adventure! It’s the dedication to detail and appreciation of generations of fans who have long awaited Nancy Drew action figures that will make these figures super collectible and highly sought after.”


Wandering Planet Toys’ crowdfunding campaign features multiple tiers:

THE SECRET OF THE OLD CLOCK Secret Book-Box Collectible Figure is based on the very first book in the series and features the titian-haired detective in a green dress. It comes both with the old clock (with a clear front that opens) and with a screwdriver accessory, so Nancy can search for the lost will of Josiah Crowley.

The NANCY DREW AND THE HIDDEN STAIRCASE Secret Book-Box Collectible Figure is based on the second book in the series and features Nancy’s long sleeve top and skirt outfit, and includes a flashlight accessory so that Nancy can see as she climbs the darkened stairs in the crumbling colonial mansion of Twin Elms.

THE SECRET IN THE OLD ATTIC Secret Book-Box Collectible Figure is based on book #21 and features Nancy in a fetching red dress. It includes both a candle to aid in late night sleuthing, and the elusive sheet music that could turn around the fortunes of a deserving young orphan.

THE CLUE OF THE DANCING PUPPET Secret Book-Box Collectible Figure is based on book #39 and will not only feature jewelry details and a flashlight accessory but will also be accompanied by a spooky faceless dancing puppet that will likely appear to Nancy mysteriously during the night!

The SECRET BOOK-BOX FOUR FIGURE BUNDLE includes all four of the single figure Nancy Drew figures in their Secret Book-Box packaging at a group discount.

The NANCY DREW “Carded” Collectible Figures (Four-Pack Set) includes four Nancy Drew collectible action figures packaged on vintage cardbacks. The four-pack Includes Nancy Drew from THE SECRET OF THE OLD CLOCK, NANCY DREW AND THE HIDDEN STAIRCASE, THE SECRET IN THE OLD ATTIC and THE CLUE OF THE DANCING PUPPET.

THE MYSTERY AT LILAC INN Secret Book-Box Collectible Two-Figure Set is based on book #4 and features Nancy in disguise (wearing a black wig) as she waits in the shadows to witness the Ghost of the Lilac Inn. The second figure is the translucent “Ghost of the Lilac Inn”, taking the form of Nancy (really the actress turned villainess, Gay Moreau using a ghostly special effect projected from her bracelets).

THE CROOKED BANNISTER Secret Book-Box Collectible Two-Figure Set is based on book #48 and features Nancy in a stylish purple jacket with pointed collar. The second figure is, of course, the dangerous tape-programmed robot that threatens her as she explores the bizarre, trap-laden house of the Crooked Bannister.

NANCY DREW Kickstarter Exclusive Silhouette Collectible Figure (and display-stand) includes a collectible action figure of the Nancy Drew “silhouette logo” and a display stand so you can recreate the timeless, iconic logo in action figure form.

And… for the ultimate Nancy Drew fan: THE SECRET TREASURE TROVE Tier includes all Wave 1 Nancy Drew retro style collectible figures, unlocked stretch goals and an exclusive Nancy Drew t-shirt. This tier includes Wave 1 Nancy Drew retro style collectible figures in the secret book-box packaging, the Wave 1 Nancy Drew retro style collectible figures on blister-style cardback, the Nancy Drew Two-Pack figure sets, the Kickstarter exclusive Nancy Drew Silhouette figure as well as two all-in exclusives: an exclusive Nancy Drew t-shirt not available anywhere else, and a copy of an all-new Nancy Drew mystery novella written exclusive for the campaign.


“During the height of the depression, child readers would pass around copies of the popular Nancy Drew mystery stories, a welcome escape,” said Wandering Planet Toys co-founder and Emmy nominated writer Chris “Doc” Wyatt (Marvel’s Rocket and Groot). “Over many decades since, generations of parents have passed the books on to their kids, who in turn have passed those same books along to their kids. Nancy has been a role model of justice, deduction, dedication, and compassion for over 90 years. We hope these, the first ever Nancy Drew action figures, will help honor the legacy of the first Girl Detective.”


For updates, follow Wandering Planet Toys on Twitter.


To support the campaign, visit Kickstarter:

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