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Today I’m taking at look at this new Slimer decoration from This décor item/prop is perfect for the Halloween season especially for Ghostbusters fans. In recent years decorations have steered away from being generic jack o’lanterns and skeletons to skew towards creepy or spooky pop culture preferences that people enjoy. This shift has allowed people to use the holiday to represent their favorite movies/tv shows on their lawns and in their homes. Nightmare Before Christmas has become the property that tends to dominate but not all of us are so inclined.

My favorite movie is Ghostbusters so I love Halloween since it’s a great excuse to watch the movie and dress up. Two years ago my family even hosted a private screening of the movie before going trick or treating. Thanks to I get to represent the movie with this decoration around the house. The prop seems to be based on classic Slimer from the original movie before he got all cute for the cartoon. The prop reminds me of promo art from the 80’s and while it looks a bit stylized it definitely has the spirit of the puppet.

He’s in a flying pose holding food for him to gobble up. My son correctly pointed out that Slimer never eats pizza in the movie but I’m sure he would have given the opportunity. The decoration is made out of molded latex but has sculpted details that add breadth and depth to the figure. The hot dog really pops in his hand and I also really like the way his teeth stick out. Living in an apartment space is limited so this decoration takes up the right amount of shelf real estate not just in my home but in my storage unit for when he’s not in use. At just about a foot tall he’s the perfect size for indoor or even outdoor decorations, though I wouldn’t trust him next to a candy bowl.

I’m grateful that Ghostbusters has been given a second life as a Halloween staple. This decoration is just one of many has for the movie (not to mention many other movies as well) but maybe it’s too small for you? Well has a full size replica of Slimer that’s coming soon, you can take a look at it here. I really like this piece and hope to add more Ghostbusters decorations to personalize the holiday. Special thanks to for providing this sample which can be purchased here.

What’s your favorite movie for Halloween to watch or use as décor inspiration? Let me know down below!


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